PurpleRide for Mom

Why PurpleRide?

The symbol for fighing pancreatic cancer is a purple ribbon. You can buy a purple ribbon pin from PanCAN, one of the benefactors of the Ann Schommer Foundation.

Daniel & David Breitenbucher Daniel (left) and Dave Breitenbucher (right)


Dear Friends and Family-

Welcome to PurpleRideforMom.com.

We are proud to keep this original site up, as a history of our journey across the country on our bikes in 2005.

We had two goals when we started PurpleRide:

  1. To raise money for pancreatic cancer, and
  2. To raise awareness about the disease.

We are proud to announce that we raised nearly $30,000 in 2005, and we are even happier to announce that the local chapter of PanCAN has decided to do a ride here this fall, inspired by us, called PurpleRide Minnesota. Please join us! For more information, please go to support.pancan.org.

Have fun visiting our site, a scrapbook of our memories of our 2005 ride across the country.

Thank you!
David and Daniel Breitenbucher